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The Zelcer Law Firm is so much more than a top law firm in Israel. It was started by Amihai Zelcer, who wanted to offer businesses and individuals in Israel the quality of legal services and expertise to be expected from a big firm, minus the rates and attitude. With the continued growth of the firm, it has enjoyed success by staying true to the principles on which it was founded.

Why Zelcer Is Different

The Zelcer Law Firm acts as advocates for Israeli individuals and businesses, as well as foreign interests facing legal challenges or who need advice on aspects of Israeli law or representation in any of the Nation’s courts of law. The range of legal services offered covers many aspects of civil law, criminal law, corporate and commercial law, real estate transactions, employment law and dispute resolution.
The team at the law firm understands that their clients always require that their legal rights are adequately protected by an experienced, competent and professional lawyer. Zelcer Law Firm has a large pool of qualified and experienced attorneys who intimately understand the entire Israeli legal system and its processes. The team provides clients with advice and assistance in matters of civil, corporate, criminal and industrial law and represents the client throughout the entire process until their issue reaches a satisfactory conclusion.
By challenging the conventions accepted as the norm by other firms, Zelcer has emerged as a truly modern legal services outfit. This is because greater emphasis has been placed on teamwork, instead of concentrating on a hierarchy, and its attorneys are free to find creative solutions in a profession that tends to be very conservative.
The firm works in highly-focused, tailor made teams that contain the diversity in skills and experience necessary to handle any legal challenge. The result is an extreme practicality and a high level of efficiency.
The Zelcer Client is King
Zelcer Law Firm’s large client base is very sophisticated and, as a requirement, this top law firm has built a practice based on offering the creativity, excellence, flexibility, drive and resourcefulness necessary to match their energy and ambition. The firm understands that to maintain and build upon its client base, it is important to focus on building long term relationships. Because of this, existing clients have been referring other companies and individuals to Zelcer for many years with confidence.

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