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Most transactions involving construction or real estate in Israel are generally very complicated affairs that involve several interested parties and significant sums of money, dependent on the results. Often, these transactions also involve many complex laws and regulations that the interested parties have to navigate.

For this reason, it is highly recommended that these matters should be handled by a competent real estate attorney in Tel Aviv.

Zelcer Law Firm is one of Israel’s most respected law firms, and is available to serve individuals, local companies, international firms and other organizations who need to hire an experienced real estate attorney. Thanks to the experience and knowledge of their legal team that specializes in real estate, they provide their clients with expert and effective advice.

Understanding Real Estate Law

The complex real estate laws in Israel establish two distinct kinds of property: One of these is private property, and the other type is state property, also known as Minhal. Minhal property is held in trust for the entire nation by the Israel Land Authority. Having a real estate attorney like the Zelcer Law Firm that understands the differences that exist between these two types of property and the requirements that are involved in each of them, is significant when determining ownership rights of property.

The real estate attorneys at Zelcer.co.il have the experience and in depth knowledge that can only be gained by working within Israel’s laws on property and real estate throughout one’s career. They have a firm grasp of every aspect of the country’s property laws that touch on individual, business and corporate rights as well as local tax regulations.

Full Service and Experience

Zelcer Law Firm’s attorneys are available to offer full service legal advice and assistance on property matters to clients from a variety of backgrounds, including entrepreneurs, individuals and corporate property buyers and sellers, landlords, tenants and real estate developers.

With their extensive range of experience and background knowledge of real estate and property laws in Israel and local regulations in Tel Aviv, they can help in negotiations, property transactions and litigation. Their attorneys offer advice to clients on commercial and private purchases of property, leases, land development and sale, Israel Land Authority and Land Tax Authority regulations as well as municipal authorities and land zoning boards. Whether you are based locally in Israel or require assistance from abroad, Zelcer Law Firm will attend to your legal requirements professionally.

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