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Zelcer Law Firm is a leading Real estate Law Firm in Israel  that provides clients with the most up-to-date and professional legal advice relating to Israeli real estate law. The services offered include drafting of real estate purchase and lease contracts for both local and international clients, provision of ongoing legal advice to contractors, landlords, entrepreneurs, companies and tenants.

We also represent our clients during judicial and mediation proceedings whenever necessary.

Israeli Real Estate Law

Every lawyer at the Zelcer Law Firm is vastly experienced in Israel’s real estate laws and local property regulations. This means that they are able to provide a full range of legal services across the country to individual and commercial clients. From consulting on real estate and drafting of routine property purchase agreements, to overseeing of complex development plans, they ensure that the interests of developers, tenants, investors, property managers and real estate owners are taken care of.

Matters that relate to commercial real estate in Israel often require that the attorney has extensive knowledge and experience in highly specialized but related areas of the law. The Zelcer.co.il team is a multi-disciplinary one, which enables them to tackle a wide range of judicial challenges and legal questions. The firm’s real estate lawyers can handle all kinds of real estate related legal matters; this ranges from finding a property in Israel for their clients and carrying out the initial consultations, to offering property management services and ongoing legal advice.

Why You Should Hire a Real Estate Attorney

There are many reasons why individuals and corporations operating in Israel need to hire an attorney that is experienced in real estate law. This is even more important for foreign landlords or international companies that may not be as familiar with the culture that Israeli land laws are based on.

Every city and legislative area in Israel has developed its own laws and regulations that relate to real estate ownership and rental of property. For example, the municipal taxes payable to the authorities in Jerusalem are different to those levied on property owners in Tel Aviv. It is therefore important for a property owner to have an attorney at hand who understands the differences in regulation and taxation regimes from one region of Israel to the other. It is in this area that the Zelcer Law Firm takes center stage and excels.


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