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Whenever you hire a litigation lawyer in Israel, you should choose a firm that provides a full range of legal services in a variety of fields, including arbitration and dispute resolution. The legal team should have the experience to handle both local and international litigation.
The litigation team at the Zelcer Law Firm is able to represent you whenever legal proceedings become necessary, including real estate lawsuits,

commercial litigation matters and litigation as a result of employment law conflicts, among others.

Expertise in the Field Of Litigation

The highly experienced litigation attorneys at the firm have many years of experience in resolving disputes. They have an intimate understanding of the Israeli legal system and are well-equipped to provide fast and effective resolutions to all types of legal issues, working hard to ensure that legal challenges are overcome and resolved in your best interest.

The firm’s attorneys are also completely familiar with the alternative methods available to resolve disputes, which include mediation and arbitration. This ensures that, whenever possible, litigation is the last resort. However, in some cases, it is completely impossible to avoid a lawsuit. The lawyer will offer you a frank assessment of your chances in court, outline the risks you face and then give counsel on the best course of action to take. There are many kinds of actions that the attorneys at the Zelcer Law Firm handle, with some of the most common being:

• Real estate cases
• Conflict of interest
• Employment disputes
• Commercial lawsuits
• Property damage
• Contract breaches

Zelcer Understands Israeli Litigation Law

Civil litigation is carried out in accordance to the Courts Act of 1984 as well as the Civil Procedures regulations enacted in the same year. Both of them concern the powers and specific jurisdiction of a particular court, as well as giving a regulatory framework within which all civil suits and claims are handled.

The firm’s clients will benefit from Amihai Zelcer and his team’s vast knowledge and extensive experience in Israeli legislation and the fact that they possess a high degree of knowledge of both local and international judicial systems. This makes the Zelcer Law Firm a good choice for inter-jurisdictional litigation cases, or in cases where international clients have pending lawsuits in Israeli courts. Because the lawyers at the firm speak both Hebrew and English fluently, it is unnecessary to incur expenses related to translation and interpretation.

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