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The process of civil litigation in Israel is governed by the Courts Act (Consolidated Version) 1984 and the Civil Procedures Regulations 1984. These two pieces of legislation cover the powers and jurisdiction of the court and its officers and provide the regulatory framework for all civil action and claims.

Litigation Attorneys in Israel

The litigation attorney in Israel that you select to advise and represent you, has to have a full knowledge of both the above sets of rules to ensure that your claim can be dealt with as efficiently and effectively as possible. You should always bear in mind that the Judge’s role in civil litigation is not inquisitorial as in some legal systems, but rather that of a passive authority. The courts do, however, have wide case management powers in managing the claim.

The Zelcer Law Firm Israel

Amihai Zelcer, principal at the Zelcer Law Firm is a highly qualified lawyer with an emphasis on commercial law and its application. The team of lawyers at the Zelcer Law Firm will always ensure that the client’s best interests are always their prime consideration. While the regulations do not enforce pre action procedures, your lawyer at the firm will always try to negotiate a settlement prior to the actual court action in order to save costs and to speed up the whole procedure.

The lawyer assigned to you by the Firm will be a specialist in your particular matter and will be well versed in all aspects of the litigation process, starting with ensuring that the claim falls within the specified time limitation, followed by the entire procedure of commencing civil proceedings. The timetable for the entire process will be explained to the client to ensure that there are no unrealistic expectations with regard to the time it may take for the entire process. There is also a fast track claims system for amounts of less than 50,000 shekels which should also be borne in mind.

Final Word

When the situation arises that you need  a litigation attorney Israel, Amihai Zelcer and his team of specialist lawyers at the Zelcer Law Firm tick all the boxes and will ensure your best interests are looked after at all times.

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