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It is an unfortunate fact of life that not all disputes can be amicably resolved through compromise and dialogue. Sometimes, two or more parties may be unable to reach a mutually satisfactory solution, and are left with no option but to go to court for a determination of the contentious issue.

Anyone and any business might, one day, find themselves appearing in court as either a plaintiff or defendant.

Because courts have their own dynamics, rules and language, it is vital that the interested party should be able to understand the course of the discussions and arguments presented, since their personal or professional future is likely to be on the balance. If you find that you need legal representation in Israel when faced with court litigation, Zelcer Law Firm will ensure that you get the best possible outcome.

Why Competent Legal Representation Is Essential

The reason why the law in Israel is very specific when it comes to the matter of legal representation is to protect the public interest and to ensure that legal services at an adequate level are provided to individuals and businesses, without the capacity to represent themselves. Unlike registered and licensed lawyers, people who pose as lawyers despite lacking the necessary certification, are not answerable to the laws which govern attorneys. The result is that clients who choose to be represented by an unprofessional individual who is not legally an attorney, according to Israeli law, place themselves at risk of conflicts of interest and negligent representation.

Benefits of Having Representation During Litigation Proceedings

Probably more than in any other field in law, successful litigation is heavily reliant on the relative reputation and professionalism of the opposing legal teams. Each of the parties involved in litigation is ordinarily represented by a lawyer. Often, when you are involved in litigation, the perceived ability and reputation of your legal representative will determine whether the other side decided to prolong the legal process and make it more difficult or not.

If the other party’s legal team feels that they can match your attorney, they will be inclined to turn the entire process into a long and drawn out affair that will be costly to you and your business. However, if the opposing side recognizes the superior abilities of your representation, they will often tend to reach a compromise, allow a ruling in your favor or hasten proceedings. With years of experience and professionalism, Zelcer Law Firm is well recognized for their success during litigation processes as well as for their ability to resolve matters before they even reach the courtroom.

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