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The law regarding evictions is very specific in Israel and protects the rights of both parties to any eviction dispute. The circumstances surrounding the different reasons making it necessary for the occupant of rented premises to be evicted, have to be tested in court before an eviction order will be issued.

The legal knowledge required in order to apply for or to contest the application in an eviction lawsuit is very specific and detailed. If the whole process is not dealt with correctly, it can become an extremely messy, costly and stressful experience.

Eviction Law in Israel

Both parties should always be aware that Israeli law prohibits any property owner or landlord from withholding any utility services, such as water and electricity. Locks may not be removed or changed, nor may any of the occupant’s belongings be removed from the disputed premises. A proper eviction order, resulting from an eviction lawsuit, has to be obtained before a tenant can be forcibly removed from the premises they have been occupying. Any action taken by a landlord or property owner without an eviction order can result in the tenant having a legally valid claim for damages against the landlord.

A court order, as a result of an eviction lawsuit, can be as a result of non-compliance with a rental or lease agreement, other forms of dispute between the landlord and the tenant or where a trespasser has illegally occupied the premises. Special attention must also be given in respect of the Protected Tenant Act where special provisions have to be adhered to in order to prosecute an eviction lawsuit and obtain an eviction order.

Short Eviction Procedure

Israeli law also provides for a special Short Eviction Procedure in the interest of the landlord, where the situation requires urgent action in order to reduce potential damages. Always ensure that your rights are properly looked after by a competent, professional and experienced lawyer. The Zelcer Law Firm is qualified and experienced in dealing with the entire eviction process, whether they are acting on behalf of the landlord seeking the eviction order, or the tenant opposing such an order. Each attorney at the law firm has years of experience and they assist each client through the entire eviction process, until the matter is effectively resolved.


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