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While ancient or biblical Hebrew is one of the world’s older languages, modern Hebrew only came into usage a little over one hundred years ago and is still evolving. The meaning of many Hebrew words is dependent on the context in which they are used, making it essential, if you are English speaking, to have a lawyer who is fluent in both Hebrew and English to ensure that

you fully understand all the legal implications of any contract.

Benefits of an English Speaking Lawyer

Besides being able to provide you with local legal services, having an English speaking lawyer in Israel is important when you have any legal matters to transact with people in English speaking countries and locally. With England having been a major colonial power in the past, almost all the former British colonies have English as either a first or second language, amounting to almost 45% of the world’s population. This number underlines the importance of having a lawyer in Israel that can handle all your legal business and obligations equally well in Hebrew and in English.

The Zelcer Law Firm

Zelcer Law Firm, which is based in Ramat Gan, close to Tel Aviv, is able provide the full ambit of legal services in English for both local and international clients. Amihai Zelcer, founder and principal of the firm, is not only fluent in English, but he also represented the interests of a leading United States law firm in Israel for five years. During that period, he dealt with personal accident claims for a large number of victims of terror. His fluency in English made it far easier for him to communicate their demands to his respondent in the United States and thus improve the claim success rate for those clients.

English speakers, both in Israel and abroad, can rely with confidence that the Zelcer Law Firm will transact their legal requirements, locally and internationally, with a full and proper understanding of the legal proceedings and requirements. This ability gives their clients the assurance that Amihai Zelcer and his team of lawyers will always look after the client’s best interests and will be able to explain and to conduct the entire legal process fully in English.

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