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There are many different reasons to take on the services of a lawyer with extensive knowledge of real estate law in Israel, specifically one with strong experience in local property laws and regulations. In fact, for landlords based out of Israel or in different locations from their commercial rental property,

it makes a lot of sense to have the property managed by a reputable commercial real estate lawyer in Israel like the Zelcer Law Firm. The attorney will not only help draft lease or sale agreements, but will also ensure that any disputes that may arise are resolved quickly, amicably and favorably.
About Zelcer’s Real Estate Attorneys
Zelcer Law Firm has a large team of lawyers with extensive experience in commercial real estate. For this reason, the firm is able to offer clients from all across the country and abroad the best commercial real estate advice and representation. The firm represents tenants, owners, investors, property managers and developers in all types of legal issues which range from real estate consulting and drafting of purchase and rental agreements, to overseeing complex development plans.
Most legal matters that relate to commercial real estate in Israel often need expertise and knowledge in several highly specialized but related disciplines. Because the Zelcer Law Firm has a complement of legal experts with experience in different real estate-related areas of the law, it has the resources to help clients tackle an extensive range of legal challenges.
The firm’s real estate lawyers have the knowledge and experience to handle a large number of commercial real estate matters, such as finding a property, facilitating contact and smoothing a sale or lease agreement, and also offering personalized property management services to their clients.
Why Zelcer?
Every city in Israel has its own unique rules that govern real estate. For instance, one city could have completely different regulations that regard the payment of property taxes compared to another. It is therefore extremely vital that your lawyer or law firm is knowledgeable of the local rules that apply to commercial real estate.
Using a lawyer with plenty of experience in commercial real estate law is essential when you seek to own, buy or rent commercial property. The lawyer that the Zelcer Law Firm assigns to you will have in-depth knowledge of your issue and associated laws, to ensure that any legal matters are handled professionally and in your best interests.

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