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Tel Aviv, Israel, in keeping up with most other cities and towns, has by-laws that are individual and unique to meet the needs and demands of its citizens. When you require legal assistance or advice in situations that demand specialist knowledge of the Tel Aviv city as well as the District by-laws, you need look no further than the Zelcer Law Firm.

Zelcer Law Firm

Based in Ramat Gan, which is situated adjacent to the city of Tel Aviv, within the Tel Aviv District, the Zelcer Law Firm specializes in all aspects of civil as well as commercial and real estate laws and is well equipped to deal with both Hebrew and English speaking clients.

Tel Aviv is a major tourist center with over 2 million tourists visiting the city annually which means that there is a continual need for legal services to be provided for visitors to Israel. These services can range from personal accident claims to investment in real estate or business ventures, each requiring the specialist advice and attention you will receive from the Zelcer Law Firm. The in depth knowledge a lawyer in Tel Aviv needs to give pertinent and expert advice on matters that are specific to the city, can be found at this law firm.

Amihai Zelcer

The principal of the firm, Amihai Zelcer, has been involved in real estate ownership and development as well as successful business ventures locally and internationally. This experience, coupled with his legal knowledge, makes him the ideal attorney in Tel Aviv to advise you on real estate and business matters.

Tel Aviv, as a cosmopolitan city, is comprised of the entire spectrum of economic groupings from the super-rich to the very poor. In recognition of this aspect of life, Zelcer Law Firm makes their services available even to those who cannot afford legal representation by providing legal services free (pro bono) or at a reduced rate. This service is offered in the public interest to individuals, business and non-profit organizations that are not in a position to afford the full cost of legal services. When you need a professional and experienced attorney in Tel Aviv, Zelcer Law Firm should be your first port of call.

For further information and to schedule a consultation, please call the Zelcer Law Firm on +972-77-2200122.