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English speakers from many of the countries that were former British Colonies, might have a different understanding of the term lawyer and advocate. In the British legal system, lawyers, also known as solicitors, are one rung lower than advocates or barristers on the legal ladder. Lawyers acting on behalf of clients have to brief a barrister or advocate who would then appear in court instructed by the lawyer.

Lawyers are registered by the Law Society and advocates by the Bar Council of England and Wales while the Israel Bar Association registers all lawyers who are automatically entitled to be referred to as advocates. Knowledge of this distinction is important when choosing a legal representative or adviser in Israel.

Court System in Israel

The hierarchy of the court system in Israel has the Magistrates Court on the lowest rung, followed by District Courts and at the top of the ladder is the Supreme Court. The system also has specialized Regional Labor Courts and a National Labor Court. Advocates in Israel generally specialize in particular aspects of law and in law firms such as the Zelcer Law Firm, you would typically find a number of lawyers, each with a specialty such as contract law, property law or criminal law, as well as many others.

The Zelcer Law Firm

The founder of the Zelcer Law Firm, Advocate Amihai Zelcer, is in many respects unique in that he is a specialist in diverse fields of law. Illustrative of this is the fact that besides his LLB degree (Division of Commercial Law) and membership of the Israel Bar Association, he is also a member of several of its different specialty bodies. He is a member of the Land and Property Forum and of the Wages Orders Program of the Israel Bar Association. In addition, he served an internship at the Legal Bureau of the Government Companies Authority for the Ministry of Finance in Israel.

Amihai Zelcer as an advocate Israel is well qualified to represent most clients across diverse fields of law and while he is unable to deal with all matters and clients personally, he works on a continual report back system with all the lawyers in the firm. This ensures that you will receive first rate attention and legal services whatever your legal needs might be.

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